Lexan Glove Box


Lexan Glove Box Advantages

  •        It is approximately 30% larger than the other currently available models  (more work surface).
  • The "arm holes" are oval which accommodates different size employees (more room for arm movement and less restrictive movement from side to side).

  • The air speed control is now inside the upper unit.  A start-stop switch is located on the outside upper unit with an indicator light.  This allows the "Radiation Safety Officer" to maintain a constant airflow velocity with every individual who uses the glove box.

  • A Minihelic gauge is installed to measure static pressure, the same instrument that is on the biohazard hoods.  This may be used to equate airflow velocity.

  • The upper unit will accommodate three 12" x 12" x 1" filters.  Other available units will only accommodate two.  

  • The motor/blower unit is larger and providers a wider range of airflow velocity.  This could become necessary if the filters become clogged with dust or regulations concerning airflow change.  Currently, most glove boxes are drawing 50 LPM, which best barely meets regulatory requirements.  This motor/blower has the ability to exceed this requirement three times.

  • The glove box lower unit is made of a material called "Lexan".  This material is much stronger and more durable than plexiglass.

  • There is a separate bottom to the glove box that can be removed and decontaminated if necessary.

 Lexan Glove Box Specifications 

  • Main enclosure constructed of 1/4" thick clear polycarbonate sheet which is thermoformed to create an architecturally pleasing appearance.  Side panels are solvent cemented to main section then ground and polished.  Front of unit to have (2) 9" arm ports, which are ground and polished smooth.
  • Base section constructed of 1/4" thick polypropylene sheet rabbeted around edges for main enclosures to fit firmly on base.

  • Air diffuser constructed of 1/4" thick clear polycarbonate sheet.  1/2" dia holes on 2" staggered centers.  Diffuser supported by 5/16 S/S threaded rod with PVC spacers.

  • Blower box constructed of 20 GA. Galvanealed steel and finished with Nassau Blue epoxy paint.  Blower box is hinged to main section for convenient filter replacement and speed adjustment.  Unit to have gasket seal between blower box and main section.

  • Unit is equipped with a shaded pole blower which is capable of moving 200 CFM of air at 3/4" static pressure.  Blower requires 115 volt 2.9 amp Service.

  • Blower is equipped with and electronic speed control, located inside hinged top, for adjusting airflow.

  • Illuminated on/off switch on front of blower box to indicate if unit is running.

  • Minihelic pressure gauge to indicate filter replacement and air flow

  • 8 ft. 115 volt power cord.

  • The filters supplied with this unit are (2) 12" x 12" x 1" black painted steel frame with 60 activity coconut shell carbon and a 4 x 8 mesh.  These filters can also be purchased through Mid-America Isotopes.  Please call for more information.

  • Unit supplied with a 4" diameter stainless steel exhaust collar on top of blower box.


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