Stainless Steel Exhaust Cabinet


Major Advantages of Our Cabinet


  • Stainless steel is rust proof and will last longer than the hoods currently being produced.
  • There is not a heavy glass door that has to be lifted each time the cabinet is opened.  Instead there are two lightweight doors that open to the left and right.

  • There is a substantial cost savings in operating this hood since the makeup air comes from outside the building and not from the inside of the building (heating and air conditioning).

  • The overall appearance of the hood is more professional looking vs. a laboratory grade appearance.  The fluorescent lighting fixtures, hardware, and stainless steel construction give a high-tech medical appearance.

  • From a regulatory viewpoint, the "air flow velocity" is easier to maintain since the minihelic gauge has been installed.  A quick view of the pressure gauge tells the operator of a potential/current problem.

  • The purchase price is very competitive.



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